We believe in ENERGY JUSTICE

“Energy justice speaks to a soulful concept that a utility is not just a company selling products; it's a tool of society that should serve society.”
- Shimekia Nichols, Executive Director, Soulardarity
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Long & frequent power outages

Michigan’s utilities are fourth-slowest in the country at restoring power, and DTE is the slowest in Michigan. DTE ranks in the bottom 25% for reliability nationally. Take action here.

Health Impact Assessment

“They showed that high household energy burdens, low residential energy efficiency, and extreme heat exposure, are concentrated in the same census tracts which are more highly exposed to DTE air pollution, and more likely to be Black, People of Color, and low- to moderate-income.” – Nick Leonard

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Hot takes on what’s good (community power!) and what’s not (rate hikes, power out, utility corruption)