Who We Are

In Michigan, we believe that no matter where we live or what’s in our wallets, we deserve comfortable and connected homes and healthy communities. 

Yet our investor-owned utilities — DTE, Consumers Energy, UPPCO, and others — continue to raise rates, double down on polluting energy, and line the pockets of elected officials to avoid being held responsible. That’s why, from Detroit to Grand Rapids to Sault Ste Marie, we’re organizing for energy democracy.

We are building a future where our homes are insulated and our neighborhoods are powered by 100% community-owned, pollution-free energy — where we don’t have to worry about long power outages or seniors living in cold homes, so we spend more time tending gardens, building businesses, and caring for our communities.

Energy democracy means that our communities, who are most impacted by pollution, power outages, and rising rates, take the lead on Michigan’s transition to a just economy and a healthy climate. 

Meet some of Michigan’s energy justice & democracy leaders.

Gloria Jean Lowe

Executive Director

KT Andresky

Campaign Organizer
Breathe Free Detroit

Shimekia Nichols

Executive Director

Megan Hess

Rural Organizing Director
We the People of MI

Biidaaban Reinhardt

Environmental Justice Organizer
We the People of MI

Jesse Deerinwater

Bridget Saunders Vial

Energy Democracy Organizer

Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition