Whether we consider long days without power, air pollution and asthma attacks, or our childrens’ future climate: We know that the current energy system is failing us. 

What are the impacts of a failing energy system across Michigan? What will a just energy system look like in our communities? How do we get there? 

Energy Burden Study

We conducted more than 650 interviews with residents of Detroit and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula about their experiences of energy costs, shutoffs, power outages, and more.

Health Impact Assessment

Air pollution attributable to DTE power plants exacts a health cost that, in some neighborhoods, is as high as the annual influenza

Let Communities Choose: Clean Energy Sovereignty in Highland Park, Michigan image/svg+xml

A roadmap for Highland Park, MI to meet 100% of its energy needs with pollution-free energy generated within the city’s borders

Powerlines 101: A Guide to the Power and Influence of Electric Utilities image/svg+xml

See the Work for Me, DTE! campaign story at this energy democracy guide created by Little Sis

Unaffordable energy bills is a racial justice issue

Nationally, “Native American households spend 45% more of their income on energy costs than white households, while Black households spend 43% more and Hispanic households spend 20% more.”